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Gay Pissboy

About YellowLad

I have been a Pissboy since a young boy about 9.  Knew I was gay by 12 and started having sex with my mates. 


We used to run around together naked in the woods.  We had a club for other boys to join the initiation was to be naked of course and drink the piss of all the other members.  Right up my alley.  But I did not stop on initiation.. 


I became the club urinal.  When ever a boy need to go, I drank their piss right from the tap.  Also all over me at times.  Loved the taste and the smell... 


Well,  This stayed with me as I grew up.  Now as a Gay Adult Pissboy, Urinal, Toiletboy.  I have Piss mates.  I see, have sex and drink, suck, and rim them.  About 6 - 8 of us play xBOX and PlayStation naked.  We bring in new boys at times.


A new lad named Billy..16  Turns out he loves piss too.  Liked what I was doing and now a Urinal too.  But more than that.... turns out he has become Scatboy and wants to live as a full toilet.  Nice..  Turns out, He eats shit, and loves it.  So he eats mine and the other lads.


I love piss.  I drink everyday.. if not my mates then my own.  Love so much whenever I drink something else or after I eat.  I drink some piss.  Mostly want the taste of piss in my mouth at all times. Drink my or mates morning piss first thing... Then through the day.. And drink last thing before I sleep.


After having many Twitter accounts suspended.  I started this Social Media Fetish Porn Site.  I respect all fetishes.  Not so keen of blood Fetishes though.  Mostly everything else.  Even Scat.  I had in mind to become a Full Toilet.. Fantasize about it. 


Call myself a Toilet when wanking.  But eating has been difficult to me.  So happy to be a Urinal.  Love and Pisskiss...



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